Interaudit | Consultanta financiara si de afaceri
  • Statutory audit
  • Audit according to international standards
  • Financial reports
  • Specialized consultancy


  • Verification of documents registered in bookkeeping records
  • Accounting expertise required by legal persons
  • Verification of administrators’ activities
  • Drawing up the standings regarding the registrations and payments of taxes and fees


  • Registration in the bookkeeping records of primary documents
  • Preparing the account books of sales and buyings
  • Establishment of VAT and drawing up the VAT deduction
  • Drawing up the accounting records and monthly trial balances
  • Drawing up the money orders for debts to the State Budget and the Budget of Social Insurances
  • Computation of payment obligations to the State Budget (VAT, profit tax, dividend tax, etc.) and drawing up the related money orders
  • Drawing up and submission of financial standings, yearly financial standings, fiscal sheets, fiscal
  • Statements and other documents necessary in relationship with financial authorities
  • Drawing up and submission of monthly statements to other institutions


  • Organization and control of financial-accounting department
  • Training of personnel in the financial-accounting department
  • Analyzing, testing and assessment of IT systems in financial-accounting activity
  • Solutions regarding the maximizing of profit and the minimizing of debts to state
  • Assistance during the fiscal controls
  • Periodical information regarding the legislative changes
  • Verification of the computation way for various taxes and fees
  • Auditors
  • Making various analyses and financial reports (financial indices, profitability, cash, capitals etc.)


  • Assistance for starting a business
  • Drawing up business plans and feasibility studies
  • Drawing up the income and expenditure budget
  • Analysis of various economic coefficients
  • Initial training of personnel within the financial-accounting department
  • Assessment of business from taxation system standpoint
  • Recommendations regarding the financial policy and organization of financial-accounting activity
  • Studying the conventions for being avoided the double taxation


  • Drawing up the payrolls and their submission to the Labor Territorial Inspectorate
  • Registration of labour contracts, decisions and addenda at the Labour Territorial Inspectorate
  • Drawing up the statements related to salaries and their submission to the competent institutions
  • Verification of knowledge and initial training of personnel within the financial-accounting department
  • Taking and submission of workman’s passes


  • Consultancy regarding interpretation and application of juridical norms pertaining to commercial, financial and administrative law
  • Assistance to setting up new companies, addenda, relationship with the Trade Registry
  • Drawing up financial reports, business plans and feasibility studies for getting credits or financing
  • Assistance to organizing the financial-accounting department, circuit of documents, solutions and IT systems as well as training of the related personnel
  • Periodical information concerning the legislative changes that have connection with the economic background
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